Great customer service is the foundation of the restaurant experience. 

Guests have high expectations when dining. It's the owner's job to impress them while supporting staff, balancing books, and running the kitchen.

According to ResearchGate, 70% of the customers who used technology in restaurants reported positive service. In addition, approximately 79% of those customers said tabletop devices improve their experience. 

They cite convenience, ease of use, and credit card security as some benefits.

This technology allows servers to perform efficiently and personalize the customer experience. As a result, they provide better engagement and increased speed of service, along with high expertise on the menu and rapid payment service. 

Consistent customer service is essential for steady restaurant health.

Below, we look at four ways a mobile POS system can help improve the customer experience.

Drives Personable Engagement 

It's critical servers show proper etiquette when communicating with guests. Knowing how to speak and respond to customers is vital.

Adopting a mobile POS system allows your servers to be more personable to their tables. Your guests should feel like they matter to you and not like another order number.

Tableside ordering with a mobile POS enables servers to multitask. They can engage with customers while inputting their orders at the same time. This allows drinks to arrive at the table while a server continues to engage with the guests. Technology like this intrigues customers and generates positive buzz.

An engaged customer has an emotional connection with the restaurant and may feel inclined to spend more money and leave positive reviews.

According to a Harvard Business School survey, an increase by one-star on Yelp shows a 5-9% increase in revenue.

A boost in revenue is an enormous benefit for your restaurant. Better reviews will, of course, create new customers. Also, customers who had an exceptional experience will return soon after.


Increases Speed of Service

The speed of service plays a significant role in a customer's experience and their reviews. Servers should always be available. It's that simple. This doesn't mean hovering over a table, but it calls for them to be aware of prompt attention to their guests.

A mobile POS system streamlines critical restaurant operations. For example, it enables servers to perform more tasks and take on more tables — without affecting the quality of service.

Using a mobile POS for tableside ordering helps reduce labor costs and requires very little training. For instance, our mobile restaurant solution enables seamless connectivity between your in-house POS and mobile devices. In addition, the interface matches the current way your items are set up in your POS so that servers can use the mobile devices right away.

Restaurants want to deliver a flawless, convenient, and enjoyable experience to their customers. Technology offers a means to speed up processes and improve the customer experience.

This advancement of technology allows your servers to achieve mobility. It gives your customers a memorable and seamless experience. Going mobile gives your servers ample time to connect with your customers and meet their new dining expectations.

Improves Server Knowledge

A mobile POS provides everything your server needs to know about the menu. It automates menus, pricing, promos, payments, and inventory. If a customer has an allergy, the server has access to the ingredients and recommends safe dishes.

The server doesn't have to go to the kitchen to ask about what's in a dish or if something isn't available. Instead, everything happens on a mobile device directly at the table.

Letting customers know about daily specials and promotions is essential in everyday dining. For example, a server can upsell an item to a customer based on their recommendation.

There's a good chance a knowledgeable server will receive bigger tips. Customers are more likely to leave a bigger tip when they receive excellent service. 

If customers don't want to order through their server, they have the option to do it from their mobile device. This allows them to order food or drinks on their own time. With dine-in mobile ordering, they can close their tab at any point. 


Enables Contactless Payments

With a mobile POS system, customers have the option to choose how they pay. It could be through the server at the table or contactless via their mobile device.

Contactless payments minimize a sizeable chunk of time since:

  • Servers aren't running to get the check.
  • Deliver it to the guests.
  • Allow time for guests to look over the check.
  • Guest hands over the choice of payment.
  • Server goes to the point-of-sale terminal to complete the transaction.

This mobile payment method results in a high table turn for your restaurant.

According to Mastercard, 82% of consumers view contactless payment as a cleaner alternative. These payments are up to 10 times faster than other in-person payment methods enabling customers to get in and out faster.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, a contactless payment system is vital for customers. 

Contactless payment options are a tool that helps guests and staff stay (and feel) safe.

This precaution will help guests feel more comfortable and enhance their experience. Guests don't need to come into contact with the card reader and there is no need for staff to handle their card or cash.

Customers know protection of their data is essential.

Ultimately, guests can choose whichever payment method in which they are most comfortable. Although, the trend in 2021 is showing customers prefer paying on their mobile devices.



Being mobile is the technology leader and will alter the restaurant industry.

Customers expect a digital experience, and a restaurant should provide that process. Using a mobile POS system will lift the customer experience.

"As restaurants shift away from the traditional, operators must be nimble. Constant innovation and acceleration will help restaurants thrive as they serve guests where and when they want to be served," the NRA's report said.

Using the mobile POS puts your restaurant in front of the competition. You will have knowledgeable staff, increased speed of service, and mobile payment options.

Over eight in 10 restaurant operators say technology affords a competitive advantage.

The mobile POS not only benefits the server but the customer too. Allowing them to control their dining experience elevates the customer experience. After all, satisfied guests represent a reliable source of restaurant revenue.