Did you know that by 2025 online ordering is predicted to reach 30% of total sales for restaurants? The rise of online ordering has continued to shake up the restaurant industry and it’s only getting started. 

We work in a fast-paced environment that lives off of catering to consumer’s wants and needs. This includes preparation for sudden shifts in this ever-changing world. 

Currently, the restaurant industry is taking a hard toll dealing with Coronavirus (COVID-19). According to Datassential, 92% of restaurant traffic is now handled off-premise options. That means to keep your restaurant afloat during these uncertain times, you need to set up online ordering. 

Each restaurant can benefit differently from offering delivery and takeout during this time. In this blog post, we’re going to cover the benefits and the challenges that come with online ordering. 


The first order of business is physically getting online ordering setup within your restaurant. In most cases, you might need to switch your point of sale (POS) system and make changes to your online presence.

Here are a couple of things to consider when getting started: 

1. Get a website created for your business

Did you know 70% of people look online to plan their next meal? To capture as many consumers as possible, you need to be online. 

Whether you have a quick or full-service restaurant, having a website will help you. This gives you a place to display your restaurant information, menu, and foodie photos.  It also gives you a reason to integrate with your POS system and start accepting online orders ASAP.


2. Switch from a legacy POS system to a cloud-based POS system

What kind of POS system do you currently operate with? If you’re stuck on a legacy POS system, it’s time to make the switch. Your restaurant is losing money with the upkeep of internal servers and missing out on the opportunity that a cloud-based POS has to offer.

Use that money and apply it to switching over to a cloud-based POS system. This will allow your restaurant to have access to the expanding world of third-party apps and have a mobile-first mindset. 

Mobile transactions with online orders is a must.  But, this is something that only can be done through having a cloud-based POS system.

Want to learn more? Check out these benefits of switching over to a cloud-based POS system. 

3. Figure out what system would work best for your restaurant

Does your restaurant have the ability to offer delivery on its own? Would partnering with a third-party delivery service work better for your restaurant?

These kinds of questions restaurant owners must ask themselves when deciding what route to go. This plays into the impact online ordering will have in your restaurant. 

How will online ordering affect the workload on the kitchen staff? This makes you ask yourself, “Will I need to hire more staff to put this into play?”. The last thing you want to happen when you allow for online orders is having the inability to cope with the volume. 

The Benefits of Online Ordering

1. Increase revenue

Would you like to increase your takeout revenue by 30%? Restaurants that are found on online ordering services can do this. Online ordering is an extra line of revenue for your business and, the more the merrier.

Increase your bottom line when you improve the ways your customers can order. During this time, being digitally accessible is crucial to your revenue stream. 

Here are some more benefits that your restaurant can have after adopting a state-of-the-art online ordering system.


2. Adds online presence

Online is the new in-person. Being online allows your customers and potential new ones to be able to find your restaurant. With the current pandemic, being online is the key to survival for lots of restaurants. 

The internet is at your customers’ fingertips and you should be too. Your menu should be displayed on your website as well as on review sites such as Yelp. This allows for more visibility online and different forms to be discovered. 

3. Increase order accuracy

When your customers have the option to choose every detail about their meal, it reduces errors and leads to higher satisfaction. No longer does an employee need to write a phone order down and then put it into the POS station. 

With an integrated online ordering system the frustrating phone orders can be put to an end. Restaurants can sometimes get loud and it’s hard to hear customers over the phone. Once your business gets an online ordering system setup, this will be a thing of the past. 

4. Process simplification

Gone with the days of calling into the restaurant to place an order. Simplify your operations with a POS system that directly integrated online orders to the kitchen. Make sure your system is approachable and easy to use.

This makes your staff’s job easier and gives them more time to focus on the customers you have in-house. Having the latest restaurant technology, including an online ordering system, is in demand.

Save money with the right system

The biggest challenge restaurants face with deciding an online ordering system is the cost. Consumer and restaurant fees can take away a good chunk of your revenue in the long run. 

Third-party delivery services can often cost 15-20% per order. You can cut third-party fees with Mad Mobile's online ordering solution. We’ve partnered with ItsaCheckmate for our online ordering system and it does all the third-party integrations for you. With this, we offer an industry-low rate of 5% per order and no service fees. 


Why is this important? The ease and speed of online ordering and delivery are what your customers want and right now, what they need. In this time of crisis, restaurants need to do everything they can to keep business running.

How we can help

It’s not business as usual, it’s business as best we can. Despite the hardships our industry is facing, we’re all in this together. 

Get all your online orders in one place with Mad Mobile's POS system. It’s an all-in-one solution that can help your restaurant survive. We want to help you serve your community and do what you do best.