Experts agree that social media ads will be the top marketing method for restaurants this year. However, these ads are just the first step in converting online engagement into ROI. Is your restaurant’s online engagement making you more money? Add these three strategies to your marketing menu and turn more likes into more sales.


1. Discount On It

Restaurant customers love a good deal. In fact, 69% of them are influenced by rewards and loyalty programs. Use social media ads to tell your guests about these special offers, and even sign them up directly. For example, you might publish an ad that offers guests a free dessert if they join your email list. Then, you can send them a unique code to use on your website, encouraging them to place their first online order.

This is just one way to connect with your social media followers. You can also offer deals to anyone who likes your business page, such as a free coffee or 10% off their first order. Whatever discounts you offer, be sure to review the reports from you cloud-based POS so you can calculate your profit margin for each discount.


2. Go for the ‘Gram

Instagram is extremely popular among most guests, especially Millennials and Generation Z. Use this platform to advertise your most visually appealing dishes. The best way to mobilize your Instagram followers is by offering them unique photo opportunities.

Limited time offers (LTO) are one of the easiest ways to turn Instagram likes into instant profits. Colorful dishes that only available for a week or two encourage guests to snap all the pictures they can. For a long-term strategy, you can incorporate seasonal specials to your menu or redesign your restaurant interior to look great in any photo.


3. Hearty Parties

Big events are a great way to welcome in long-time followers and first-time diners alike. Review the profiles of your most avid social media fans to learn about their hobbies and interests. Do they like house music? Book clubs? Wine tastings? Choose which events to host based on your findings.

Events are also an opportunity to form corporate partnerships. For example, you might cater a holiday party for a nearby office or a networking meeting at a conference. Make sure you’re handing out menus and business cards so you can stay in touch with everyone who comes through your door.

Connecting with online fans in person isn’t just about making a quick buck. More importantly, it’s a chance for you to build lasting relationships with every guest. Help them build happy memories in your restaurant, and they’ll find reasons to come back again and again.