When it comes to managing restaurants, simplifying the systems you use is almost always the answer to running a more efficient restaurant. When your staff, hardware, and software are all working together seamlessly, that frees up your restaurant and staff to do what they do best —  serve delicious food.

Having a point of sale (POS) that integrates directly with an online ordering system is a great example of process simplification. Restaurant technology has been rethinking POS architecture in recent years to find better ways to integrate in-house POS systems with online ordering. Since then, some technological developments have changed the restaurant industry, one of which is the ability to let customers order online without having to download a separate app.

That means with systems like Mad Mobile, you no longer have to invest in expensive equipment or software to support mobile online ordering. It’s already built into your POS, and this offers system flow advantages like the ability to approve online orders with just one click from your POS screen. This feature is a powerful integration, and it arrived just in time.

Online ordering is growing 300% faster than dine-in traffic, and researchers predict that 50% of restaurants will have order-ahead options in the next three years. Every day you spend without a modern online ordering system, or with one that is difficult to use, you’re leaving cash and customer loyalty on the floor.


6 Awesome Benefits You Get After Adopting a State-Of-The-Art Online Ordering System

1. You will immediately see a spike in your restaurant’s sales.

Restaurants that implement an online ordering system see a 32% bump in sales than those that only offer orders by phone.

Supporting online orders will positively impact your bottom line, but the benefits of a modern integrated online ordering system don’t stop there. By reducing labor costs through efficiency, you’ll also lower your expenses.

The first step is to set up a good system at the right price. By investing in a system with adequate functionalities, you’ll immediately get your kitchen on the track to success. And when you’re not fighting your system or taking more orders via phone than you need to, your employees will have more time to run a better restaurant.

2. Your customers will have a better, more shareable experience.

That 32% sales statistic is enough to convince any business owner, but it’s not just about having a system, it’s about having the right system.

As you know, the usability and experience customers have throughout every bit of your restaurant affects their impression of you, and ultimately, their decision to repeat or share that experience. Your system needs to be able to reach customers through whatever medium they’re most comfortable in.

Your system should be simple, clean, and easy to use, from both a customer and managerial standpoint. To reap from the benefits mentioned, you need to offer the modern integration features that we’ve discussed.

The same applies to your online ordering system. Don’t just jump into the cheapest online ordering system you find or exclusively rely on third-party apps. Be very careful about the costs and processes you’re offering across the entirety of your restaurant, as it can affect the overall experience for your customers.

When you’re hungry, the last thing you want to do is fumble around with a complicated system just to place an order. And that applies to the checkout process as well. UI and UX in an online ordering system are often overlooked but are a crucial point to consider. How easy is it to add items on and off the cart? Is it simple to add discounts and upsells? Is the checkout page easy to use? Can you save customer information for future orders? How does a customer get prompted to tip? Is that simple and easy?

All of these questions should be taken into consideration when searching for the right system. Your best bet is to find a system that has all of those features and then try it out yourself. Walk through it and familiarize yourself with all of its capabilities and features. If it passes your walkthrough, then you’ve probably found the right restaurant online ordering system.

3. You’ll increase your customer’s ordering accuracy and average cart value

online-orderingCustomers that call back to modify an order or ask for a different item once they get to the restaurant can mess with your staff’s flow. With a system like Mad Mobile, customers choose every single item themselves. They also have a chance to review their food order with all its specifics, including the tip, before checking out. These features dramatically reduce the mistakes a customer can make by removing the pressure of ordering on the phone and displaying their order in front of them to review.

Online ordering POS integrations can also store customer data and recommend specific items based on their ordering history. Imagine upselling a desert you know a customer likes when they’re about to check out with just an entree. Or how about suggesting that extra sauce they always get — that’s the power of modern integrated online ordering systems.

4. You will make your kitchen staff’s jobs easier

Track menu items and inventory in real-time

Another feature of a modern POS with online ordering integration is the ability to see precisely what customers are ordering in real-time and how that relates to your inventory. This feature is great for keeping tabs on what ingredients you have in the kitchen.

For example, if you noticed a big spike on ahi tuna, you could ask your kitchen staff how they’re doing on that product. Then you and your team can decide whether or not to make more or 86 the dish.

Easily submit online orders to the kitchen with one-click

restaurant online ordering systemSome POS systems send immediate notifications whenever a new online order is placed. This gives you the ability to approve orders before they’re sent to the kitchen and puts you in control of how online orders enter your staff’s workflow.

The notifications also include useful information like when the customer is planning on picking it up or if it’s a timed delivery. These order details help you make sure customers get the freshest food possible.

How many times has your staff accidentally made a delivery order ahead of time, only to have to remake it when the customer arrives 45 minutes later? With a system like Mad Mobile, you’ll be able to manage your online orders and eliminate the mistakes that cost your business time, money, and inventory.

5. You’ll be able to see exactly how online ordering is benefiting you anywhere, anytime.

Another technology trend that has emerged in the restaurant space is cloud-based POS systems. With a cloud-based POS, you’ll be able to see exactly how your online ordering system is affecting your bottom line remotely — including individual menu items.

If there’s a particular item that gets ordered frequently, you can use that insight to create a promotion. The possibilities are endless when you have access to the right data, at any time, from anywhere.

Cloud-reporting lets you run these reports by location, as well. If you have a daily special that does well at one location, you could run that as a limited time online ordering option. Then, you could check back in two weeks and see if it’s worth introducing as an official menu item. Or if one menu item is doing really well at one location, you could look into how to raise awareness of that item at other restaurants.

6. You could save up to 15% on order fees by eliminating third-party applications.

 Some third-parties charge between 15-20% for their software. Your POS and online ordering systems should be working to save you time while providing a great customer experience. That absolutely should cost money, but you should be able to rely on them at a cost that makes sense. You’re doing most of the work, after all!

Find an integrated online ordering partner that charges less than 10%. It’s understandable why some restaurant owners resist online ordering when processing fees are so high, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Use a Restaurant Online Ordering System That Works for You Every Step of the Way

We prefer to think about our POS and online integration as one system — not two separate entities. Our system takes all the processes of a restaurant and streamlines them into one application, and our integrated online ordering system has every single one of these features that we’ve discussed.

But when it comes to building and maintaining a successful restaurant, the software is only part of the game. Staying on top of trends and thinking critically about the future is another important part of the process. That’s why we’ve compiled all of our 2022 predictions and critical thoughts into one convenient download.

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