When you’re looking to invest in a new Point of Sale (POS) system, make sure you choose the right technology for your business. As a restaurant operator, your plate is already full – so how will you find the time to research all your options? Answering these five questions will help you begin your search for buying a new POS system that’s right for you.


1. How does it improve customer service?

Your POS system should be the best possible tool to help you understand how you can improve service. A POS should streamline restaurant flow, not slow down your employees or disrupt the customer experience.

Look for a POS that tracks customer information, making it easy for servers and hosts to greet any guest that walks through the door by their name. This technology can also empower you to learn about your busiest hours of the day and your most popular menu items. The more you know about your guests’ preferences, the more you can meet their needs and exceed their expectations.


2. Does it offer cloud reporting?

Cloud reporting empowers you to check on important metrics throughout the day, from anywhere. This function can improve business in countless ways. Tracking guest data is only the beginning. You can also use it to get metrics on popular menu items. What’s more, it provides regular updates about other important aspects of your business. For example, is your bar more profitable on Fridays than Saturdays? Are you losing money by staffing more servers than you need for the lunch rush? Are you about to run out of a crucial ingredient for your most popular dish? Run errands, meet with your accountant, or even go on vacation, while you stay in touch with your restaurant and get more done each day.


3. What support is available?

Even the best POS system occasionally runs into issues. Many of these are outside of your control, such as losing power during a storm. Others may be caused by human error. Constant access to the support you need is the difference between a technological issue and a day of lost revenue.

Online resources – like those offered by CAKE University – are a great way to read up on the many features and benefits your POS has to offer. CAKE also provides technical support by phone, available 24/7, every day of the year.


4. Does it integrate with other restaurant technology?

The best POS systems interface with any additional tech your restaurant uses. For example, guest management systems are employed by any restaurant that takes reservations. By integrating your POS with your Guest Management System, you can manage your waitlist seamlessly.

A good Guest Manager can improve the flow of your restaurant’s floor, giving guests an even better dining experience. And while flow is important on the floor, it begins with well-integrated technology. By connecting this tool directly to your POS, you make it easier for servers and hosts to work together. This makes your employees’ jobs easier, giving them more time to focus on providing the best possible service.  


5. Is it user-friendly?

Even the most powerful POS is only as effective as its users. Make sure you choose a POS system that’s easy to use, with multiple training options. With access to a straightforward interface, employees can do their jobs quickly and easily. Your POS system should make your guests’ experience simple and more satisfying. The easiest way to accomplish this is by giving your servers the best possible tool for the job.

When buying a new POS system, bear in mind your foodservice businesses’ unique needs. A bar and a cafe, for example, will have different requirements. Answer these questions before you start searching for a POS system, and you’ll feel confident when the time comes to make your final decision.