Speed Screens are the latest innovation in Point of Sale technology. This feature allows POS users to place, edit, and cash out orders all from one screen. It sounds simple, right? And it is. But up until now, servers and bartenders needed to tap through several screens to complete basic tasks. This new technology is a must-have for restaurant employees everywhere. Let’s take a closer look at how Speed Screens can improve every aspect of the restaurant business.

1. Keep it Flowing

With all the information they need on one screen, servers can check guests out more quickly. This improves overall flow from both ends at once. On the one hand, you let your satisfied customers get on with their lives instead of waiting 20 minutes for the check. On the other hand, you cut down on wait times for newly-arrived guests. Increase table turns and guest satisfaction for a more efficient and profitable business.

2. To Err is Human

More efficient technology reduces human error. By entering orders and updating guest tickets on the same screen, your servers will have a lot less to worry about – and they’ll make fewer mistakes as a result. There’s no need for them to try and remember that Table 3 got the mozzarella sticks, but Table 4 asked for extra-spicy mustard while they tap through several different menu options. Now, they can access all their customers’ tickets from one simple screen.

The moment your servers receive an order, it goes directly into the POS. Save time and energy for your servers, so they can focus on providing excellent customer service. Your guests will be happy to receive their mozzarella sticks, their extra-spicy mustard, and the attention they deserve.

3. Do the Splits

Splitting checks can be complex in any situation. That’s especially true in QSRs or bars, where your guests move quickly and don’t want to do complex math. So how can you keep them happy while making sure no one – including you – gets stuck paying more than their share? CAKE makes it easy. Check-splitting features allow you to simplify complex equations. Five people split the mozzarella sticks, but everyone is paying for their own drinks? No problem! Keep your guests and servers moving, and avoid unnecessary headaches.

Speed Screens aren’t just a short-term solution. By improving flow and efficiency in your restaurant, you’ll increase your profit margin in a sustainable way. Perhaps more importantly, you’ll improve guest and employee loyalty, ensuring that your business has a thriving community for many years to come.